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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lifestraw

Ang tubig ay buhay, ulit!

I always approve of devices or methods that enable us to drink safe, potable water. It's a great bonus if they're simple to operate, compact and portable.

This device which looks like a musical recorder came about to answer a worthy cause. The inventor of the device was a Danish man who worked in Nigeria. Along with experiencing the difficulties and the great need of the people there, he tried to find a simple way for people in developing countries to get clean, potable water in real-time. The product has even won an award from a leading ad company. 

The design is basically a big straw tube. One straw is reported to be capable of purifying at least 700 liters (182 gallons) of water, removing an estimated 99.9% of bacteria and 99% of waterborne viruses. Click on the diagram below to show its inner-workings -

To date, the Lifestraw has been used and distributed by many humanitarian and aide groups in their efforts. There's another model for family or common use as well.

Click HERE for the Swiss manufacturer's site for more info.

The promo video below is the local distributor -

Their website below -

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