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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Filipina Maids "Discriminated" in Singapore!?!!

This news bit REALLY got to me. 

I can replace the idea of DISCRIMINATION ("panlalait" in proper Tagalog context) with some other ideas we Filipinos ourselves MOST OF THE TIME forget. 

How about sense of PROPRIETY (nasa "ayos" ayon sa lugar at pagkakatoan), SENSITIVITY (murunong umintindi) and RESPECT (pag-galang) especially if it is NOT your country you are staying in?

It is at the heart of the ills of the Filipino, both as a species and as a culture, is his/her search for IDENTITY. Having been a colony and experienced oppression by Spain, Japan and America, he has not found himself yet. One sure sign that someone has found his identity is that he conducts him/herself that draws ADMIRATION and a sense of DIGNITY from outsiders. All of that has nothing to do with being "edukado" or being "may kaya sa buhay." No relation whatsoever!

Want proof of this? Look no further than your typical kapit-bahay blaring his stereo or radio for all the world to hear, not minding if people want to rest in silence or approve of his choice of music. Same is true with being in a jeepney with the manong drayber not having a care in the world.

Self-respect encourages outward respect from others! 

I know the difficulty, loneliness and suffering (physically, emotionally) suffered by OFW's abroad, even in Singapore where I've been and even stayed with some briefly when I tried my luck there in 2010. I've even been to the "Ion Orchard" mall location they were talking about. Honestly, that's not where I'd like to have some serious fun!  
Pero hindi ako isang hinayupak na politiko na nagpapa-sipsip sa tinatawag nilang mga "Bagong Bayani" (which is nothing more than a political slogan to gain publicity and votes) dahil ang mali, mali parin, maging sino ka man, maging saan ka man. 

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