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Saturday, April 2, 2011

That "Godforsaken" RH Bill

(Photo by Vincent Go taken from

The well-known story goes that once, one of the greatest Zen masters in history (who didn't have to be a Buddhist) was ambushed with a trick question by his enemies: "Teacher, is it lawful to pay taxes to  ceasar?" To which he plainly but profoundly responded: "Render unto ceasar the things that are ceasar's. . ." I think we know how the rest of it goes right? 

Somebody gave someone in my family some stickers that was against the hotly-debated "Reproductive Health Bill" (deep props to Carlos Celdran on his "Damaso" move!) Apparently, a central sticky point by the bishops of the CBCP representing the Catholic church here centers on the propagation of sex education to the youth.

Here's a visual representation of what seems to be interpreted from both sides - 

The "anti" group:

Sex Education

For the rest of us "pro" group:


EDUCATION which can directly contribute to the welfare, health, a myriad of opportunities and overall well-being of people, especially the younger set. 

Get the picture, mga fathers? A whole world of difference derived from the slightest tweak in one's perception. 

We CAN NOT allow national policy, especially if we are seriously considering the long-term impact for our country to be dictated by religious doctrine. Remember the "Separation of Church and State" under the "doctrine" of the Constitution?

It is a greater act of immorality and unconscionable sin to simply allow health risks and unwanted pregnancies leading to further overpopulation causing more burdens for our country and its allied ills of poverty, crime, food and national security and more strain on our resources. 

Of course the priests would never have known the price of milk and diapers these days or how much is it really to send a child to school, di ba?  

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