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WARNING: Anchorite blogger-in-delirium!

Greetings! Kamusta po kayo?

This site aspires to feature stuff, ideas, techniques I find worthwhile as well as my personal passions and opinions. Initially they will cover the following topics: Ecology and Environmental Concerns, Martial Arts, Tactics and Functional Self Defense (FSD), Knives, Gadgets and Gear, Fitness and Wellness, First Aid and Emergency Management (FAEM), Faith and Spirit, Paranormal and Hyper-Science, Outdoors and Survival, Jokes and Humor, Quotes, and of course the good stuff: Travel, TV/Movies and Food! More will be added or deleted if and when the life of this blog deems it.

The photographs or other materials that will be posted here are not meant to infringe on the copyright of the original owner/s and shall be acknowledged or redirected to their original sites or sources whenever possible.

I hope you enjoy the site and find good info here. Maraming salamat po!