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galing (Tagalog) 
> \ˈgä-l 'ing\
> expression of delight, amazement
> adj. /ma--/(magaling): excellent, very good, well, skillful, clever

The majestic but endangered Philippine Eagle

Japanese cuisine

Kapampangan pancit luglug

 Jim, Danny and Buboy of the Apo Hiking Society

Ernest Hemingway

Bruce Lee

Nat King Cole

John Denver

James Taylor

Gordon Sumner a.k.a. Sting 

Simo Häyhä
 "White Death"


Victorinox Swiss Army Knives One-hand Trekker (German Army Issue)

Boker Plus Knives Vox Access Tool

Zebra stainless camp mug

 Pattada (Traditional shepherd's folding knife of Sardinia)

SAM (Structural Aluminum Malleable) Splint

Zen rock garden

The hand-built cabin of Richard "Dick" Proenneke

The misty Huangshan/Yellow Mountains of China

Cappadocia Caves, Turkey