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Friday, March 18, 2011

Before "IT" Happens. . .

(UPDATED from a few days ago)

Chile, Haiti, Pakistan, New Zealand, and now Japan.

This seems to be disaster season and the "domino effect" is becoming a familiar and tragic scenario: an earthquake happens, structural damage and widespread destruction immediately follows. Those living in the coast lands have another worry---tsunami and tidal forces---causing even more destruction, disruption of services and communication, lack of basic goods and supplies. The disaster is compounded by possible trauma, injuries, hysteria and no immediate authority being in charge.

Folks, for us still "lucky" enough to not yet be affected by cataclysms like these, now is the time to remember to:

1. Review or revise our respective family emergency plans.
2. Depending on the circumstances, consider the possibility of evacuating your home/location. Know your entry and exit points and the alternative escape route/s to take when going to more secure and safer locations.   
3. Be prepared with our well-stocked emergency kits, supplies and equipment.
4. Not be solely reliant on authorities to aid us during these times but in ourselves.
5. Be ready to ride out the disaster for sometime (at the very least, 72 hours).

Let's all hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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