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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Surviving A Windfall

Recently, this seems to be the season for lottery mega-millions.

Just last month, we had our own record-breaking amount which ballooned to P741 million (roughly $16.9 million) supposedly won by a fortunate balikbayan from the states. Apparently he's making plans already for his eventual retirement here.  

Even more recent in the US, a $380 million jackpot winning was to be split between a Washington resident and a still unidentified Idaho winner.

Since I'm experiencing a bout of tamad to actually sit down, organize and write my thoughts on a "survival guide for a lotto win" that's been playing in my mind for some time now, a Yahoo news bit already came out with THIS one. Some things to keep in mind for that very life-changing day, if and when it does come. Who knows, right?

Bottom line:

1. Keep a low profile.
2. Don't get swept or overwhelmed TOO much in spending.
2. Make a PLAN based on professional advise for the family, finances and legal areas. 
3. Keep a low profile (really needs to reiterating).

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