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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Maverick Comedian


The late George Carlin was a stand-up comedian in the US. Despite being peppered with foul language and biting sarcasm, I like his style because he makes you think about things while driving you delirious with laughter! His influence is felt through the younger generation of comedians for his courage, rebelliousness and irreverence to take on sensitive issues like society's conventions, the law and it's regulations, religion and politics (e.g. - apparently he was the one who started the joke about the oxymoron in the term "military intelligence"). In his last years he was still active with his angry, curmudgeon-style of comedy.

Below are some videos of his routines:

He reduces The 10 Commandments (Warning: Utter blaspemy and insensitivity towards religious beliefs ahead if you dare watch it!) -

He talks about "stuff" -

More biting brilliance from the late, great George Carlin

And some food for thought about the hotly contested RH Bill. . .

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