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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Sobering Commentary on Depression

I know about depression. Coupled with some other things, I've been struggling with it for years. Generally life goes on for me but there are certain days, certain moments. . .

Here in a "developing country" we are not always blessed with the resources or insight to address it. It might not be entirely a bad thing though since each culture has adapted its own unique ways of coping with life's issues. We may not be solely dependent on drugs as part of therapy for example.

As per conventional thinking by Psychology, it is defined as a form of mental illness, a disorder, a disease caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals. That's a very tidy, very scientific, very quantifiable approach making it treatable with the right approach/therapy. We're all comfortable with that line of thinking, right?

But what if depression can't be conveniently considered as a disease you could treat or address? I stumbled on to this article awhile back. It's an intriguing and somewhat spiritual way of looking at. Maybe that's why it is so widespread in the face of humanity.

What does it say of our society as a whole? The article below -

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