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Friday, November 19, 2010

Seagal Training MMA Fighters

Wow! 'Tang Ina! This vid is one of those things that is genuinely short but sweet!

Beyond Hollywood, TV and the occasional controversy, Steven Seagal is an accomplished, high level martial artist who spent 20-years in Japan learning both the culture and the fighting arts. He even became one of the first foreigners to open an dojo (traditional MA school) for aikido there. He's quite the marksman and musician as well.

Here he is apparently training a top MMA fighter; Lyoto Machida. All I can say is I like what I'm seeing from his demo and explanations namely:

- The entering move towards an opponent's shikaku (dead angle or blindspot).
- The hip-driven low kick. This kick is strong, can penetrate and preserves one's stability.
- The forward-driving kick + straight blast punching combo and how he compares it to how kids fight (a natural hominid gross-motor reaction of overhead strikes and swings)


He's also apparently "tutored" another MMA guy, Anderson Silva below -

Out of all the things shown, it's again the irimi ("entering" the dead angle or blindspot) move I find valuable from this vid. As the saying goes, the "simplest things are often the hardest to accomplish."

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