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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Clinton (Idiot) Aide Shouts at VP Binay, Apologizes

I just saw this today. So apparently all is Ok now!? Click on the links below for the news -

Kailangan magpalabas ng masamang saloobin. Ano ba 'to?
A power-tripping, wanna-be "alpha female?" Or something worse. . .

Let's see if I can sort this out; you're a female aide of a former head of state (president) who will be giving a speech in another country where you and your group will obviously be considered as foreign GUESTS with the irony of it all being that this particular forum's theme was: "Embracing Our Common Humanity(!?!!)" but not checking yourself with any amount of decency and respect for its citizens? You hit the jackpot though when you vented at our VP. I bet your boss is mighty proud of you!

And your defense of it all was. . .

"The Clinton Foundation staff member who shouted at the Vice-President said she was not informed by the US Secret Service about the arrangements made for Binay."

So fucking what!? Even if VP Binay "gatecrashed" the event, how big of a deal is it really? If there's an issue, you address it with diplomacy. If there's a real problem, ask the big, tough Secret Service boys to take care of it. I think they would've handled it waaay better than you did. The long and short of it: would you like it if someone rudely shouted at you?

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