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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Chilean Miners Rescue: A Look Back

(Photo taken from

The world, and especially the citizens and families of Chile, are still ecstatic and thankful for the rescue of the 33 miners. Not only was this a welcome release from being trapped in the dark earth for two months but it was achieved without incident.

Of course prior to this amazing rescue was the the planned execution and the logistics. The main equipment used was the so-called Phoenix Capsule, the rescue platform developed specifically for this task jointly by scientists from NASA and the Chilean Navy. The link below provides more info -


As to those wondering how they're doing, they are getting to be celebrities. Take their eyewear for example; they're still wearing shades! This is because of the very real danger of "solar retinopathy" as they were stuck in an a dark environment for a very long period. Link below -

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