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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Glorietta Blast Incident: New Probe Sought

I bought my copy of the Inquirer today and happen to see this article. This happened three years ago. I remember the collective shock it all gave us and the maddening investigations that followed. Was it a deliberate act of terrorism/mass murder or just a God-forsaken accident? The PNP said it was just the result of an unfortunate build-up of methane gas. Huh!? Frankly, I remember muttering to myself: "Katarantaduhan 'to!" (This is utter bullshit!) after seeing a diagram on PDI as well detailing what might've caused the explosion. (I really wish I could find that specific diagram now but a search didn't turn up anything on the newspaper's archives).

Now, I admit I have no background EOD or forensic chemistry, but sometimes those in power can dissuade "authorities" or "experts" to bend facts to suit them. It was after all just a humble, little, insignificant boy that squealed to the world that the emperor wasn't wearing anything and he was just plain naked. I suspect I may not be the only one.

I felt so strongly about it that I told my father and texted some acquaintances about it (one of them being a security consultant for an international firm). Of course it fueled talks that this event was orchestrated to divert attention from the on-going probe of ZTE Scandal, one of the many sordid legacies of former President Gloria Arroyo.

Some links of this article and its supplement on PDI's online site -

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