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Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Analysis on PNoy's Ongoing Presidency

A troubling start for the Aquino watch

Now this is definitely blog-worthy.

There was an article in yesterday’s copy of the Inquirer that caught my interest. It was a report released by one of those think-tanks assessing PNoy’s current performance in his fledgling presidency insofar as “change” or reform of government and politics is concerned. This change agenda is likened to that of US president Barack Obama’s who took office sometime earlier before PNoy did.

Notwithstanding the comparison with another country, I believe their analysis is spot-on. In fact, it’s so accurate it hurts! Link to the article below -

As for the group that furnished the report, ( from what we could read from their document, I believe they provided excellent information we could all chew on. Good information is the outcome of a process that is inexact yet balanced with it being a tedious one. This process begins with gathering intelligence. Good intelligence means information that is timely, relevant, and to some degree, quantifiable. Next comes the analysis proper which requires sifting thru and prioritizing the mass of incoming raw data requiring the analyst to have multiple capacities for verifying, tracking, cross-referencing, contextualizing, connecting and even forecasting to yield new and enhanced information. A formal recommendation is then made for a course of action.

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