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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alamid Martial Arts

The Philippine native alamid a.k.a. musang

A long while back, probably in the late 90's, as I was browsing the MA section at a National Bookstore somewhere, I chanced upon an interesting book. It appeared to be a new form of martial art. While I was intrigued, I wasn't impressed with the book itself: it was poorly edited and even looked self-published. But as the old saying of not judging a book by its cover (or its entire contents actually) goes, one shouldn't be too quick to dismiss it outright without having even just a peek into what it's all about.

The Alamid Martial Arts style is one of the more recently-developed FMA's and founded here in the Philippines. If I recall correctly some of the contents of the book, the founder of the style developed and incorporated what he described as "twitching" strikes. The inspiration for these movements are said to come from the mongoose which is the weasel-like quick and agile creature with a reputation as a fearless snake killer. To be accurate though, the animal known as "alamid" is the Asian palm civet (family Viverridae) and since both creatures are lean, slender and do have somewhat of a passing similarity, I suppose it served as the closest equivalent.

That was quite a while ago and I just found out that they have come out with some vids on Youtube.

This is the promo vid. The man demoing I believe is the founder.

This one shows some techniques.


Then some form and application.

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