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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crazy Monkey Boxing

Whatever physical combat platform one engages in, whether it's a TMA (traditional martial arts) practitioner polishing his art's techniques to eventually get his "black belt", a SWAT operative or soldier drilling CQB explosive entry or just some ordinary guy focusing on simple gross motor skill moves to better prepare him for the street, the common glue that holds them all together is good grounding on the principles of biomechanics. After all, mastery of these techniques demands a good understanding of how the body moves and how to functionally and efficiently apply it, in this particular context though, for combat or fighting (sports and the performance arts however follow along the same lines).

Unfortunately, there are only a very few instructors who can effectively convey these concepts. The student is often left there floundering on how to do it on his own which effectively slows down his learning curve. HOW the art/style/system is taught can be as important, if not more so, than WHAT it actually is. I suppose this goes universally for all areas and fields as well.

South African Rodney "Chico" King is one of those few exceptions though. He's a boxer who's developed a style he calls Crazy Monkey Boxing. Basically, he taken the so-called "sweet science" and given it a keener edge; it's boxing meant for self-defense and mixed martial arts rather than the conventional form done on the ring.

An efficient style + good teacher = sweetness! Idol talaga! See for yourself -

Jab, Cross and Shovel Hook. Why "shovel" hook? As when shoveling, the power comes from the torquing action of the body. This aids the power of the punch. Brilliant execution below -

My favorite, the Elevation Drive -

Another good one, the Clinch/Hook combo -

UPDATE: More CMB goodness showing concepts on stance and structure

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