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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Exorcising the Manila Hostage Fiasco

Before we finally say good-bye to 2010, I felt the need to undergo a catharsis so to speak on what is without a doubt, a regrettable and tragic event. I've held off trying to express my own thoughts on this since it seemed like everyone including his uncle had something to say about it (valid or not).

When I saw the whole thing unravel on that fateful day some months back, it didn't even take me two minutes before I walked away from the TV in disgust. From a tactical stand-point, I knew that everything had already started badly and could only go downhill from there. It was the very definition of FUBAR. Not to mention all the finger-pointing from all sides that happened afterwards. 

Previously, a British pundit already posted his views on operational lapses that occurred. 

Now, my own humble opinion on the matter is in terms of organizational perspective since at the end of the day, this is where many things in the world get done. As it has always been the case with the ills of our country, we need to clearly define and set our goals and work out ways of achieving them. If not, everything becomes extremely academic afterwards.

WHO does what exactly? (concerned personnel or agency) 
WHEN precisely will it be done?/WHEN to explore other methods or approaches? (scenarios and conditions)
HOW is it going to be executed? (strategy and tactics) 
WHAT are the factors that need to be taken into account? (command and control structure, agency interoperability, training and equipment, etc.)  

Policy is set in motion by operational guidelines. Clearly-defined operational guidelines translates into logistical and tactical  readiness. Tactical and logistical readiness is achieved by training and support mechanisms. This is what enables favorable outcomes. Thus, a prepared and ready continuum is established. 

Policy > Operational Guidelines > Tactical and Logistical Readiness > Training and Support

That is all. Let's all move on to 2011. 

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