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Thursday, December 4, 2008

If There Is ONE Film I Urge You To See. . .

this would be it: Zeitgeist, the Movie.

From the German meaning "the spirit of the age". Extremely controversial and assailed by the mainstream. As someone who's been a sort of outsider (sometimes even an outcast) for most of my life, I'm not afraid to consider some of the things the film tries to present.

Fair warning though, if you're a devout Christian, Part 1 might be extremely offensive. IMHO despite being thought-provoking indeed, I do not believe it entirely. By the fruits of his efforts, Christ had a profound effect in this world and I'm not just saying that because I was born a Christian. I've also done my own pursuit and research into history and I thank God he sent him to us. You can take refuge in your faith.

A link to the full video below and if you can spend two hours with a very open mind about the roots of the long-established ways of doing things and what's happening to the world around us -

I honestly don't know how it would affect this blog. Might be accused of being a conspiracy nut or worse. Amen (from the Hebrew meaning "so be it") then to whatever.

EDIT - I just watched the film's continuation, just released last October: Zeitgeist: Addendum -

Coincidentally, John Perkins whom I heard about some time back, is featured in the film. He wrote the book: Confessions of An Economic Hitman (that title alone seems ominous already).

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