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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Inova Microlights

A nice little and very useful light. Don't let it's small size fool you! It's very bright. I gave one to my brother-in-law and likes the fact that he doesn't have to grope for the car's ignition or when looking for something when it's dark in the car anymore.

It's just the right size, not too small unlike some other "key chain" lights out there but still not large enough for you to notice. This is because the "bulb" itself is encased and not exposed unlike on other ones, which what made me like it in the first place.

One thing though, as I've got two; a white one for general purpose lighting that's in my key chain and a red one in my pack (for preserving your eyes' night vision or trying to see in low-light conditions as when rummaging through your gear or reading up-close like notes), the red one gets finicky and malfunctions at times. I must've gotten a lemon though as the white one does OK.

Here's a good review -

In the review it says the light is "not waterproof" but actually, if you saw the movie Saw (the first one, after that I didn't want to watch the next ones anymore!), in the opening scene, a man lays submerged and hand-cuffed in a bathtub. A microlight then floats by lighting the scene attached to the key of his lock. I haven't dunked mine in water yet, but I'm sure though that it's water-resistant or "splash proof".

Also stated in the review, the clip isn't very secure and when too much stuff got tangled in my pants pocket, it actually came loose from the key chain. This happened twice. I remedied it by replacing the clip with a key ring.

Visit any Hahn Gunstore at any SM mall if you like to get one.

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