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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Pinatubo Monster?!?

Ooops! Sorry, si Cookie Monster pala ito!

A cryptid is a term used to refer to an animal or creature that has been known or at least been sighted, especially by the local population, yet still remains anomalous or mysterious as science has yet to prove its existence. Researchers don't necessarily include those from traditional legends or fairy tales though, like dragons or mermaids as they try to be more scientific in their pursuit. The most famous and classic ones are the ape-like "Bigfoot" from North America and the dinosaur-shaped "Loch Ness Monster" from Scotland.

So I happen to stumble on to this article on something closer to home. Presenting: the Pinatubo Monster! The link below -

Guess what? May blog na rin pala! Eto o -

What do you think? Well, real or not, personally it's gonna be good marketing for the local tourist industry! (BTW, those pictures they posted in their blog are from other reported creatures in the internet!)

To be fair though, like the previously mentioned Loch Ness monster, there have been countless reports of sightings of large aquatic creatures from all over the world since long ago. This interesting story for example -

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