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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shooting and Gunfighting: The < 2%

There's a school of thought by researchers and experts that proposes that, of the given total population, only less than 2% are truly gifted. By "truly gifted" I mean the unique, jaw-dropping, exceptional kind.

So what's that picture of a man with the gun and coin above? That folks is Jelly Bryce, the FBI's legendary shooter. To describe the context of what he's doing above, it's a time-lapse photo of him dropping a coin from shoulder height then drawing his gun and shooting with the same hand before the coin reaches waist-level!

A link to a good read about him -

It all boils down to reflexes coupled with trigger control. Simple enough right? Well, that's like saying the control on the pressure of the stroke of the brush by Da Vinci or a Japanese shodo (calligraphy) artist is simple enough. To even begin to appreciate the level of skill these folks have, you need to have years of training and practice.

Then there's Jerry Miculek. My sometime firearms and tactics instructor had the rare pleasure of meeting him once. On shaking hands with him, he said Miculek's hands were so large they could almost wrap around both of his (a big grip does help)! Smith and Wesson firearms even made a revolver model in his honor. The video below. Don't blink -

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