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Friday, November 14, 2008

Looking Foward To This One: The Spirit

I grew up with American comics (my icon is actually DC Comics' Zauriel, [*UPDATE - See below] a guardian angel turned super hero from the Eagle Host, one of the 4 main groups of heaven's army ). As a kid growing up, they were a major influence in my learning English, things about the USA as well as a myriad of topics from pop-culture to history to science. Not only are they entertaining, they're intellectually engaging too. Admittedly I moved on to other interests and haven't been keeping abreast with them for the past decade or so. This interest later on made me delve into classical mythology.

Those that have been made into movies, IMHO, fall into several translations; classic (Superman - Christopher Reeve era), decent (Spawn), well-made (300, Iron Man and Batman - Christian Bale lead/Christopher Nolan directed) and just flat-out laughable and a disgusting waste of your time and money making you wish a slow and painful death to director Joel Schumacher (Batman and Robin)!

There are two upcoming ones though that's really making me go nuts with excitement: Watchmen sometime early 2009 which I'll tackle later and The Spirit this Christmas!

The Spirit's first trailer -

Then the second "babe" trailer -

Sweet huh? It's gonna have a Sin City and 300 graphic-genre feel to it!

The Spirit was created by the late Will Eisner in 1940. He was known to have introduced certain innovations in comics - i.e. drawing figures outside or without "the box" format making the characters and overall theme more organic - and was one of those that evolved the medium as a graphic novel through the seminal work A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories.

*As of 11/10/08, an icon change in effect.

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