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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great TV Series: Millenium

"This is who we are"

Boy am I stoked! Just visited my suki DVD seller after a long spell and what did I stumble upon? Not just one but the entire three seasons of one of my fave shows on TV: Millennium!

Back in 1996, the same creator of "X-Files" (another fave which I also happen to have) Chris Carter, introduced this dark and brooding series led by Lance Henriksen as Frank Black, an investigator and forensic psychologist/profiler who has this "gift" of being able to psychically put himself into the mind a killer which aids him to get the bad guy. He was then tapped as a consultant by the "Millenium Group", a mysterious group of fellow ex-law enforcement professionals that's also supposed to be centuries-old. It touches on the paranormal as well since Frank and the rest of the group not only tackle regular criminals but supernatural forces as well. They believe their battle with evil is also preparation for the "end times" of the Apocalypse too.

If you wanna know more, here's a Wikipedia entry with some links below -

Lance Henriksen also had an adventurous and hard life growing-up. You could see and feel this by how intense he is on screen. IMHO, he is one of those under-appreciated actors whose artistic talents also include painting and pottery making in real life.

BTW, the "Millenium Group" in the series was modeled after a real forensic behavioral science firm, The Academy Group, Inc. made up of former law-enforcement professionals who provide consulting, research and training services in the area of criminal behavior. Among their staff is well-known former FBI Special Agent and the pioneer of profiling sexual predators Robert R. Hazelwood.

Given my psychology background, I would've liked to have worked for such a company. Here's a link to their site -

Ok enough. Gotta go watch!

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