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Friday, November 14, 2008

It's That (Vulnerable) Season Again

Ok the blessed season of Christmas is almost with us again. It's also the time when money, no matter how tough the times are, flows freely with all the bonuses and spendings going on.

Unfortunately criminals or those that feel disadvantaged out there know this too and take advantage of it. They may even be bolder or more daring now. Don't think because you're in a crowd or with many people means you're safe already.

Some simple reminders:

1. Do a self-check before going out. Look for jewelry, accessories, gadgets or exposed items that could look attractive to the bad guys.

2. Busy and pre-occupied shoppers in malls, tiangges and market places are prime targets. Be especially vigilant and not too trusting with anyone. They may sometimes pretend to be part of the sales staff or crew (an M.O. of some groups like the Salisi Gang). Some use taxi's as well for their accomplices to "crowd" a victim.

3. Aside from who their intended victim is, they go when and where the money is. Some know when payday is and withdrawing money from ATM's has always been a favorite spot for them to select their prey. It's better if you can withdraw over-the-counter before the Christmas rush as well since sometimes ATM's run out of money because of too many withdrawals during this busy season.

4. TRUST YOUR GUT. When your intuition or that "little voice" inside you is pestering you that something is wrong, heed it! It comes in many forms; a taxi driver that looks suspicious or something doesn't feel right about his cab, a smiling stranger that suddenly appears offering to help carry your baggages, a feeling of being stalked or followed, etc.

5. If you do happen to become a victim and have thankfully come away unharmed, at least have a good look at him/her/them or take note of their appearance so you could offer a good description to the police afterwards.

Take note, be aware, be careful. Recognize your POV's.

Ingat kayo ngayong pasko! BE SAFE!

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