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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Sandy Hook Incident

God bless the little departed ones. . . 

The world is still mourning and regretting this recent event. 

In the past, this humble blog has presented similar incidences and scenarios, the last one was the incident in Norway here being an active shooter/mass killing scenario.

With regards to adopting certain security measures, Israel being a nation and a people living with a grim reality of unrest and terror in their midst, have adopted these strong learnings in their daily lives which we've also featured in this previous article relating to airport security.

Now, this very recent article is another expansion of policies and measures by the Israelis again to cope with the dangers that has confronted its school system, in which the young are very vulnerable.

While such measures are still very much up for debate, including how viable they are in our own settings, it does make one pause to think and consider just how much are we willing ensure our level of safety and security in today's world.


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