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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Giant Croc Captured!

(Photo from the AP)

While it may be true that the Burundi native "Gustave" is mentioned with notoriety as probably being the most successful and long-lived animal serial killer, frankly one can't sort out which is fact, hearsay and folklore. Is it even still alive?  

Reptile-wise, besides the recently discovered bitatawa monitor lizard species sometime back, we Pinoys have one more thing we can tell the world about. This 21-foot salt water croc captured in Agusan del Sur has been in the news for the past couple of days. Of course taking advantage of the hubbub, local officials have kept it and made it into an attraction of sorts. That's a lot of boots and handbags huh?

There's local talk though that it may have a mate: an equally big or even be bigger female. Frankly again, that's jumping the gun a bit and just more talk adding to the excitement of the moment.

That being said though, I think I wouldn't be going in the water anywhere near those parts any time soon!  

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